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Congratulations on the first step of buying a home! As an experienced real estate agent, I can assist you through the entire process of buying a home, starting with the mortgage and continuing right through closing – and beyond. I will help you shop for the best interest rate and terms, and if you wish, I can also suggest mortgage lenders.

Get Pre-approved for a Loan

Obtain a copy of your credit report and your FICO score, and if necessary, do what you need to do to improve it. The higher your FICO score, the better your interest rate. You can get this information online, or I can help you. Contact several lenders, and determine which one will give you the best deal.

Determine your price range and interest of neighborhood.

By now, you should have a good idea of how much home you can afford. This helps you narrow down your home search. You should also begin researching the neighborhoods in which you might want to live. I can assist you with this.

Decide on the size and features 

How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? Would you prefer a newer home or an older one with established landscaping? Which features would you be willing to give up if you were to find the otherwise perfect home?

Start looking for homes with you agent

I can compile a list of homes based on your criteria, or show you any homes you might have already found, including any that might have just been placed on the market.
Look at homes with a critical eye – does the floor plan work for you? Is the property in good condition? Would it be right for your lifestyle? In short, can you imagine yourself and your family living there?
Take notes at each home you visit. What are your likes and dislikes? Narrow down your choices; revisit homes in which you’re interested. See them at different times of the day.

Make an Offer

When you’ve identified the home you want to buy, be ready to help your agent prepare a written offer quickly. Your agent will be familiar with market values and will help you arrive at a price that gives your offer the best chance of being accepted.
At this stage, try not to become emotionally attached to a home. Your offer may not be accepted for any number of reasons. Have backup homes in mind. Be prepared to negotiate through your agent with the sellers.

Offer accepted

Once your offer is accepted, you’ll be asked to submit an earnest money deposit that usually isn’t refundable.
Begin making moving arrangements. Select a mover, obtain change-of-address cards, and inform friends and relatives.
Have the property professionally inspected, and if necessary, request repairs. Obtain homeowner’s insurance.
Contact the local utility companies (phone, water, electricity, etc.).
A few days before closing, stage a walkthrough. Also, you will want to obtain a cashier’s check for the down payment, as well as for any closing costs.


Make sure the terms and conditions of the loan statement are correct
Carefully read everything before you sign



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We believe we do things differently than most real estate agents you may have met.

When we represent you as your real estate buyer’s agent, guiding and supporting you in the most effective and professional manner is our highest priority.

You are about to embark on one of the most important and exciting decisions in your lifetime, the selection and purchase of your home.

It is a complex process, and much time is involved in evaluating homes and neighborhoods, reviewing your finances, arranging and attending inspections, applying for a loan, and finalizing the purchase.

At CASCADE California Realty Inc, it is our hope that the information contained in this website,, will help you understand that process.

One of the expert, professional real estate agents at CASCADE California Realty Inc can help you find a home:   A comfortable home in a neighborhood you love. A home that represents your life, your dreams, and your hopes for the future. And we can effectively guide you through the process of buying that home.

There are plenty of choices in the current inventory of homes on the market.   Many of these homes are priced very, very well and are owned by highly motivated sellers.  And although financial guidelines are tighter, low interest rates are available and there are programs especially for first time buyers. 

Please consider working with one of the experienced, professional real estate agents at CASCADE California Realty Inc  to assist you through the process of buying or selling a home.

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Before considering to buy a home please ask these questions yourself.

​1.Do you stick to a budget??

Setting and sticking to a budget is a sign of financial stability. It is very important to stick to a budget in an economy where higher numbers of foreclosures. When you know where your money is going, you know whether or not you can afford a home of your own.

2.Do you have enough Down Payment??

When you put 20 percent down on a home, you immediately have equity built into the property and you negate the necessity of private mortgage insurance. If you are first time buyer, you may be able to get a loan with as little as 3.5 percent down payment.

3.Is your income stable??

If you have a stable source of income, you can feel relatively safe making an investment in a home.

​4.Is your credit score good enough to get a loan??

The higher your credit score, the better your interest rate will be. The better your credit score, the more likely you are to be accepted for a loan.

As you are ready to buy a home, here are the next steps.